August 14, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Contact Future In Sight

- Marcia Clark

paper cut out in the shape of people with a blind person in the middle
Imagine you have just been given the news that your eyesight will not improve. Now what do you do? Your first call should be to Future In Sight to tell us about your situation and get more information. Future In Sight is here to help anyone at any age, anywhere in New Hampshire, and with any degree of sight loss get the help they need to adjust, live, and thrive.

Read the stories of those we have helped over the past 105 years or better yet, come visit us for a Tour of our Mission held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. You will hear stories directly from individuals who receive our services and your perception of life after sight loss will be transformed – I promise you! The services we provide help transform lives of infants & toddlers, children, adults and seniors across NH and beyond.

Here are the 7 reasons you should contact Future In Sight:

  1. Social Work Services – Social Workers meet with each client to develop a plan that meets their needs, provide counseling to help with the adjustment process, and make referrals to appropriate community services, support groups and recreational activities.
  2. Low Vision Services – Instruction is provided by therapists to those who are partially sighted so they can effectively use their remaining vision, including evaluation and training in the use of low vision aids and assistive technology. Services are provided by occupational therapists, low vision therapists, and eye care professionals.
  3. Rehabilitation Therapy – Specially trained therapists help teach skills that enable people with vision loss to have productive and rewarding lives at home, in the workplace, and in the community. They focus on areas that enhance independence, such as personal safely, household and financial management, and communication.
  4. Orientation & Mobility Training – Mobility specialists provide instruction and training that allows an individual to develop safe and independent travel skills in their home,  neighborhood and workplace.
  5. Education Services – Our education staff assists children, from birth to age 21, who experience vision loss or blindness. Classroom instruction is provided by our teachers of students with visual impairments. Services often include independent living skills and assistive technology training. Independent travel skills are taught by orientation & mobility specialists.
  6. Technology Products & Services – Our skilled staff provide assessments to identify necessary devices and adequate training to optimize the use of technology allowing clients to utilize technology within their daily activities.
  7. Group Programs – Instructional and recreational programs are organized throughout the state to provide opportunities for clients to participate in their communities with groups of their peers for learning and socialization.

The hallmark of Future In Sight’s rehabilitation program is the one-on-one training we provide. We go where clients go – wherever help is needed the most! Everyone’s vision loss is different, so services are personalized to match a client’s needs.

Need any more reasons to contact Future In Sight? How about the fact that no one is denied services due to the inability to pay! Contact a social worker today; 1-800-464-3075 or email [email protected].