Just in case you are a last minute shopper – or you’re looking for one special holiday gift for friends or family who are blind or visually impaired, we have gathered some ideas for you! There are a lot of popular options that can help with accessibility and independence, plus some are just plain fun!

Relax, you’ve still got time. Besides, this is a great list for birthdays or other special occasions.


Bop It
A fun game where you repeat the sequence of actions and sounds, each one longer than the last and at a faster pace. It has different buttons and levers on it to twist, pull, flick and so on.  It’s fun for kids on their own or with family and friends.

In this game you stack small wooden bricks in a specific way to create a tower.  Each person then pulls out one brick at a time in hopes not to make the tower come tumbling down.

An easy dice game to play that takes just a minute to learn. You can feel the dots on the dice and players can keep their score on their own bold lined paper or even in Braille if they want.

Mr. Potato Head
This is great for real little ones. This classic toy comes with all of the accessories are tactile such as glasses, hats, eyes, noses, etc.

Don’t Spill the Beans
Another great choice for younger ones. You don’t have to see to put the beans on the pot, and the object is not to spill them all.  It’s tactile and fun.

Toy Bowling Set
Always a big hit for little ones. You can place the toy pins a short distance from the child and have them roll the ball into them. They will quickly get the hang of where to roll it and enjoy crashing down those pins. Giggles guaranteed..

Shape Ball
A round rubber ball that has a number of shapes hollowed out.  You match the shape and push it into the correct space on the ball.  Little ones find this amazing!

Dolls & Doll Houses
Especially the ones with all of the toy furniture and miniature household items. Not only hours of fun playing solo or with friends, but what a great and fun way to have tactile representations of objects and learn how things work together.

Animal Play Sets
Similar to doll houses but with an adorable animal barnyard theme with other objects to go along with them. Super cute and hours of amusement.



iTunes Gift Cards
Good for music, apps, games and more. If they have iPhones, this is a slam dunk.

Popsocket Brand Smart Phone Holders
These are a popular choice to keep a good grip smart phones.

Pop Socket Brand Wallet
This is a sticky holder that attaches to the back of your smart phone to securely hold a credit card or ID. Very handy.

Gift Cards
Always a good fit, here are some ideas: movies, stores, ski resorts (adaptive ski programs), restaurants, pottery class, hair salons, spas, and more!

Amazon Alexa
Accessible and sold anywhere.

Nest Thermostat
A programmable, accessible method of being able to regulate and read your thermostat independently.

iPad or Tablet
Endless fun and accessibility.

Smart Appliances
You can now get crock pots, microwaves or other small kitchen appliances that can be controlled with your smart phone and also Alexa. These add another level of independence that is techy and fun.

Cologne or Perfume
A more personalized type of gift. It’s always nice to enjoy scented things.

Outdoor Gear
Check out gear such as snow shoes, ice skates, or anything that might be a good reason to get out and enjoy the winter.

These are a few ideas that we have found to be popular and fun.  Have other items friends should know about?  Send them to info@futureinsight.org and we’ll share them!



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