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David Patton

David Patton

STAYING ACTIVE “If you believe, you can do it!” So says David Patton, a client at the...

Allwynne Fine

I have been a volunteer in the community for the past 50 years. Volunteering at the Association...

Cliff Smith

Being a volunteer for the New Association for the Blind has made me feel like I am doing my part to make a difference within my community. Being...

William O’Donahue-Hodges

I volunteer because I have the time and inclination to reach out to others in a small way. By giving rides to and from home for doctor's...

Betty Finan

My mother was legally blind as she had very little vision to one eye due to an accident. This didn’t stop her from reading 2 newspapers a day and...

Whole New World

Whole New World

Bette Smith is 81 and lives in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. She has been visually impaired for several decades due to macular degeneration,...

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