August 13, 2018 ─ Concord, NH ─ Due in large part to a generous grant from the New Hampshire Speedway Children's Charities, Future In Sight will soon complete a very successful 2017-2018 season of providing adaptive sports and recreation programs for its young clients who live with vision loss.

The Adaptive Sports Program, a program of the client services provided by Future In Sight, is designed to give children the opportunity to partake in recreational activities with their peers who are blind and visually impaired. This year, over 80 children will have participated in pottery classes, kayaking, and a deep sea fishing excursion. Coming up on Sunday, August 26th, our young clients will enjoy playing a game of beep baseball against Fisher Cats team members and management at the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. Beep baseball allows blind and visually impaired athletes the chance to participate in the country's favorite sport as the ball and bases emit pitched sounds to help the athletes hit and field the ball as well as round the bases. Beep baseball has become very popular in the vision impaired community, in fact an annual World Series is hosted and sponsored by the National Beep Baseball Association.

Randy Pierce, former Board Chair and client of Future In Sight, is an avid adventurer with a passion for experiencing everything the world has to offer. He believes the Adaptive Sports Program is a critical part of Future In Sight's client-based programming. "I often hear from clients that it is important to them that they are able to be like everyone else and this is especially true for our school-aged clients," says Pierce. "Without the generous support of sponsors like the Speedway Children's Charities we would not be financially able to provide these wonderful adventure opportunities to our young clients totally free-of-charge."

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