A volunteer helps thread a needle at the Mitsy Kits sewing group
October 08, 2019

The Future In Sight Adaptive Sewing program has been keeping New Hampshire seniors happily sewing away for over 4 years now!

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Picture of Trisha driving with her Bioptic lens glasses
September 26, 2019

Trisha is from Loudon New Hampshire and has generously shared her story with us about her life with low vision, how she is using tools and technology to acomplish her goals and what her experience has been working with the TVIs and other staff of Future In Sight.

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Electric blue illustration of a person's head with bright pink illuminated eye and brain connection
September 09, 2019

Did you know that the fastest growing cause of visual impairment in children has nothing to do with the eyes? 

That’s right.  Vision depends on the brain as much as it does the eyes. CVI, shorthand for Cortical or Cerebral Visual Impairment, essentially means that the brain’s ability to interpret, recognize or process visual information from the eyes is compromised.  CVI can limit a child’s ability to learn visually, even when their acuity (clarity of vision) is high and the structure and function of the eyes are normal.

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VisionServe Alliance Conference
September 05, 2019

Coming in November, the VisionServe Alliance Executive Leadership conference takes place in Atlanta Georgia with the focus “Opening Space for the Future of Living Well with Blindness & Low Vision”.  

Future In Sight’s President and CEO David Morgan is a co-facilitator for this event and will be leading discussions with attendees and participants, including exploring ideas about the role of technology in the field.

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August 22, 2019

Keith Barringer of Rudi's Portsmouth has been a longtime supporter of Future In Sight, and a generous host to 8 annual Dinner in the Dark events. This week's event was a great success, with about 60 guests experiencing a small taste of what it feels like to dine without seeing what you’re doing. Thanks to the generosity of dozens of sponsors, raffle and silent auction donors, the evening was a festive and fruitful event, raising more than $7,000.

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NH TEAP Phone Equipment for Vision Impaired
July 30, 2019

CONCORD, NH (August 8, 2019) –  Concord-based Future In Sight is now the statewide provider for “NH-TEAP” (Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program). NH-TEAP provides services for individuals who struggle with or are unable to use standard land line telephone equipment for emergency assistance and daily use due to a disability. The program offers specialized telecommunications equipment and in-home services when needed for New Hampshire residents with vision loss, hearing impairment or difficulty with speech and mobility. The Future In Sight staff will assess each applicant and match the client needs with appropriate equipment and provide the in-home training needed to use them.

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