February 9, 2021

Getting Help with NH-TEAP Telephone Equipment is Easy

- Sarah Melasecca, Director of Adult Services

2400i TEAP phone

Are you curious about what happens if you reach out to Future In Sight for information about the NH-TEAP (New Hampshire Telecommunications Assistance Program)? NH-TEAP provides phones with features which meet individual needs. As part of this program, Future In Sight has devices with a variety of features which have solutions for the communication needs related to cognitive, hearing, mobility/dexterity, speech, and vision. In many cases, the device is available at no charge or a small cost-share.

To Get Started

The first step is to talk with Future In Sight staff about NH-TEAP details and benefits. Our experienced Social Work team will speak with you about the program, and ask questions to determine eligibility and whether NH-TEAP will be a benefit for you or your loved one. For some clients, the Social Work team is able to identify the best phone to meet the individual’s needs and will mail the phone directly to the client – but in other cases a home visit by a Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, or other professional will be scheduled so that the individual receiving the phone or device can receive training on how to use it.

Health & Safety First

With COVID safety on all our minds, in-home visits are conducted with safety precautions in place. Both staff and clients wear masks during the visit, as well as any other individuals who are in the house at the time. Staff members are diligent about using sanitizer and other precautions.

Hands on Support

Recently I shadowed Beth Daisy as she met with a client who was interested in our NH-TEAP services. Beth is an Occupational Therapist here at Future In Sight, and her experience in helping clients select devices provided by NH-TEAP ensures that the device is a good fit for the individual’s needs. This particular individual is affected by changes in both her hearing and her vision, so it was important to find just the right phone to fit her needs. As part of her visit, Beth showed the client the different buttons and features of the phone… they even did a few test calls to make sure it worked the way she needed!

For You and Those You Care About

If you or your loved one may benefit from a phone with features that improve communication access, please reach out to Future In Sight!

The New Hampshire Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program (NH-TEAP) is provided and serviced by Future In Sight through a contract with the NH Governor’s Commission on Disability.