Insights on the 2024 Vision Serve Alliance Leadership Conference

- Randy Pierce

Randy Pierce - Insights from Future In Sight

“Focus on the Future” – Recently, Nathalie, Swirl and I travelled to Kansas City, MO to attend the 2024 Vision Serve Alliance Leadership Conference for the second consecutive year. Leaders of similar organizations to Future In Sight from all over the country came together to connect and collaborate on the challenges and opportunities we all benefit from resolving. We began with connections and some awards/celebrations including a lifetime achievement to Don LoGuidice. He spent early years of his career during the 1960s in Concord, NH with our very own organization!

The early presenter and panel were designed to build engagement, highlight communication approaches and model insights with a panel of our peers. This was the backdrop for the true power of the event through the “Collaborative Conference Open Format.” We attendees highlighted all the areas which might of of interest for discovery, discussion or resolution. Leading knowledge experts were identified and assigned and a schedule of opportunities was available for the remainder of the conference. Each time slot had multiple key topics, and Nathalie and I separated to attend the ones that would best serve our clients, teams and organization. It was difficult to narrow down options, and fortunately the notes from each segment were made available to all of us.

I have selected several highlights for myself which made the entire experience incredibly valuable. A “Big Data Project” is available for states to acquire for a cost and the national overview highlights the most intense look at real data on blindness and the affects on health. The national data suggests, and I hope to acquire the NH details, that we are under-funding the crucial health support needs of the blind and visually impaired community. How is the change in the type of client, both youth and seniors, suggesting that support for this population deserves to be similarly re-evaluated. Whether connecting and working with programs for aging Americans and the Health and Human Services administration, there are pathways being successfully explored to better meet the need and resultingly solve the immense impact of social determinations of health from blindness and low vision. All of these integrated with positive and powerful discussions of the roles our Occupational Therapists can play in support of the entire range of services, programs and activities within this population and our organization.

In short, we are making great strides already. Plus, there are some supportive lessons and opportunities to guide us along the path that enable us to meet our mission in an ever more challenging environment, nationally and here in NH. Keeping in contact and working with the many connections continues well beyond the conference. The surge of knowledge, experience and support like most things, begins with the quality people who gathered together with a similar vision.

We provide training, tools and resources to individuals of all ages who are blind and visually impaired and even offer a full calendar of activities. If you or someone you love is experiencing vision loss and could benefit from our services, please contact Future In Sight at [email protected] or 603-224-4039 today!

About the Author: Randy Pierce is the President & CEO at Future In Sight.