February 6, 2020

New Future In Sight Website; Highlights & Accessibility Features

- Future In Sight

future in sight logo

We are excited to announce that Future In Sight officially launched a redesigned website at FutureInSight.org on February 1st!  This is an important shift for the organization in an effort to incorporate more website accessibility features, expand offerings and improve the overall user experience.

FutureInSight.org  receives thousands of visitors each month and our audience is growing. The online presence of Future In Sight is key to providing resources for the growing population of people living with blindness, low vision or visual impairment throughout NH and beyond.

Website Design and Layout

The new FutureInSight.org website is designed using high contrast color, and a user friendly simplistic grid style layout that is easy to navigate with a keyboard. A fixed navigation bar is in place throughout the site to ensure visitors can consistently and easily find their way around.

Our priority is reaching people with vision loss, or their families, who need our help, so the main contact options are front and center to make it easier for people to connect with us.

Website Contrast for Accessibility



Website Accessibility Tools 

Website Accessibility Toolbar

Each webpage header includes “Skip to Content” links which aid in navigation for those who are blind or visually impaired. Mainly used by screen reader users, skip links allow visitors to bypass repetitive page content.

Additionally, the new website now offers a customizable set of accessibility display tools to accommodate more visitors with low vision. The red toolbar icon is available on both the mobile and desktop view of the website, and offers a number of choices for the user. Options include:

  • Increase or Decrease Text Size
  • Grayscale
  • High Contrast
  • Negative Contrast
  • Light Background
  • Links Underline



Events Platform 

Events are at the heart of what we do. Future In Sight actively organizes and plans dozens of events each year. Event types range from meetings and support groups to recreational outings, dinners, fund raising and the big one of course, our annual Walk for Sight.

The new website has an integrated events platform that provides our visitors with detailed event and venue information, mapping, sharing tools, online ticketing and export to Google or iCal calendar capability.

The most current events are now dynamically displayed on the home page and the events overview page allows users to browse through the year in calendar style or simply search for the events they are interested in.

Future In Sight Events on the Web


The News Blog

Blogs mean different things to different organizations. The News Blog at Future In Sight is where we publish helpful articles, information, press releases, interviews and stories, or just the latest about what the organization is doing and any new programs or services that are available.

All the most recent news posts are now displayed on most pages of the website, with large thumbnail images and easy to find. You can also find links to these posts often shared on our FaceBook or Twitter accounts as well.

Additionally, you can sign up to receive an email with links to the latest blogs as they are published, so the news comes to you as it happens.

Future In Sight Website News Blog


Newsletter Sign-Up 

We have thousands of subscribers who receive our monthly e-newsletter. The e-newsletter contains highlights of the month, what is coming up soon and timely  information about local happenings. If you wish to be added to that list, you can find the sign up form at the bottom of every page on the website.

Future In Sight Sign Up For News

More to Come

In the coming months you can expect to see new features and product offerings that will be announced as they are rolled out.

In summary, we are taking steps and making changes to grow the breadth of what we are able to offer, in every way. We are committed to improving the resources we have to offer and increasing awareness, both in person and online. Stay tuned!