January 31, 2020

VIDEO: Accessible Voting in NH Step by Step

- Margo Bowie

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Accessible Voting in NH – 2020

The first in the nation 2020 Presidential Primary will be held shortly in New Hampshire on February 11th and once again the One4All accessible voting system will be available at all polling places in the state. While it is available for anyone’s use, the One4All system is a tablet based system with voice output that’s designed for voters with a range of disabilities and is especially useful for voters who are blind or visually impaired.

Voting on Election Day, at our town’s polling place, in private is a fundamental tenet of our democracy. Together with our partners in the New Hampshire Coalition of Blind and Vision-Impaired Voters, we appreciate the preparation conducted by the Office of the Secretary of State and the New Hampshire Municipal Association to provide information about accessible voting to town clerks and town moderators respectively.

We’ve been providing training on the One4All system, and have a few more sessions scheduled prior to the primary if you’d like to attend.  In addition to in-person experiences, we hope you find this video useful.


A Statement for the NH Secretary of State: Yes. All polling places must be accessible. However, should a voter be unable to enter the polling place to vote due to disability, the voter may have an application for an absentee ballot, an affidavit envelope, and an absentee ballot delivered to the voter in a vehicle outside the polling place.