September 5, 2019

VisionServe Alliance Conference & Open Space Technology

- Margo Bowie

paper cut out in the shape of people with a blind person in the middle

Coming in November, the VisionServe Alliance Executive Leadership conference takes place in Atlanta Georgia with the focus “Opening Space for the Future of Living Well with Blindness & Low Vision”.

Future In Sight’s President and CEO David Morgan is a co-facilitator for this event and will be leading discussions with attendees and participants, including exploring ideas about the role of technology in the field.

This year’s conference is quite different, in that the meeting format will utilize the Open Space Technology approach. This approach enables attendees to participate in way that allows them to generate the program, topics and schedule for each day, while encouraging discussion and planning for a wide range of initiatives that will impact the future for blindness and low vision.

Open Space Technology topic suggestions start with questions that are emerging in the industry and are submitted by the attendees. Examples of what might be on the agenda include:

  • What can be done to assure access to all digital information including government websites, applications and voting processes?
  • Are public and private education resources meeting the needs of students?
  • What are the emerging challenges and solutions in employment?
  • How can we significantly enhance the resources for training and support for seniors?
  • How can we improve care for our veterans through partnerships with the private sector?

The selection of the Open Space Technology format for this particular event will provide 100% accessibility for blind and visually impaired attendees.  Additionally, attendees will also have access to a number of resources and hi-tech tools from companies that are on the forefront vision technology.

David Morgan introduced Open Space Technology to Future In Sight when he formed a Concord, NH based committee of clients, teachers, staff, volunteers, local medical and eye care professionals and other providers to explore the evolving needs of people who are blind or visually impaired. This forum took place at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord during October of 2017.

Stay tuned for more details about this event as it gets closer.

VisionServe Alliance Executive Leadership Conference: “Opening Space for the Future of Living Well with Blindness & Low Vision”.

November 3 – 6, 2019 at the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, GA

Register for this event online at the link below: