The Mary Gale Fund

Assistance where you need it!

The Mary Gale Fund through Future In Sight supports low-income women experiencing vision loss and blindness, age 65 or older, living in the Greater Manchester* area to maintain their independence and/or safety while living in the community.


The Mary Gale fund has helped pay for services such as rehabilitation, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility, education, and counseling for women experiencing visual impairment or blindness. This fund assists with items generally not covered by any other source such as visual aids and devices such as magnifiers, screen readers, and more!


65 years or older, female, low income, and from southern NH.

Social Work

Providing individuals and families support for adjusting to vision loss with counseling, support groups, and referrals to appropriate community services.

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Rehabilitation Therapy

Helping individuals enhance their independence by working to develop daily living skills for tasks such as cooking, household chores, financial management, communication, and personal safety.

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Low Vision Services

Provided by our eye care professionals, occupational therapists, and low vision therapists. These services assist people who are partially sighted in using their remaining vision more effectively, through low vision evaluations and training in the use of low vision aids.

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Orientation & Mobility Instruction

Providing specialized, one-on-one training to help individuals develop safe, independent travel skills in the home environment and new routes within the community.

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Technology Products Services

Assessments and training to optimize the use of technology for daily activities. This includes the latest advancements in assistive technology products such as TEAP (Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program), which provides NH residents with the tools and training for reliable telephone communication from their home.

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Group Programs

Instructional and recreational programs, organized throughout the state to provide and opportunity for clients to participate in their communities with groups of their peers for learning, socialization, and support.

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Volunteer Services

In-home visitors and/or drivers provide support to clients in their communities. Future In Sight volunteers also assist with clerical work, educational programs, and special events.

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