Sonic Blink Strobe Receiver

Sonic Blink Strobe Receiver

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The Sonic Blink wireless receiver, model BL300, is one of the most powerful products Sonic Alert has on the market today. This wireless receiver has a built-in strobe light, designed for signaling. This powerful signal receiver’s strobe light projects 360 degrees of flashing to remove blind spots.

This Sonic Blink receives a signal from one of the transmitters, which activates the strobe light on the sonic receiver. Depending on which transmitter is activated, the sonic receiver may have a different flashing sequence.

  • Perfect for places where a lamp would not be used such as bathroom, kitchen, hallway, basement or garage
  • Use as many receivers as you need. No lamp or light needed
  • Flashes 20 times per second
  • Wall Mount Receiver, cord free