Future In Sight assists people who are partially sighted so that they can use their remaining vision more effectively. Low vision evaluations and training in the use of low vision aids and devices is provided by eye care professionals and our low vision therapists.

The organizations low vision department provides assessments and demonstrations of magnification equipment and adaptive aids. The low vision specialist is trained to conduct a functional eye examination that focuses directly on how a particular person’s vision impairment affects day-to-day living. Hand-held magnifiers or special reading glasses can help our clients make the most of their remaining vision.

Recommendations might also include non-optical devices and solutions, such as improved lighting, closed circuit televisions (CCTV) and video magnifiers, large print reading materials, and a wide range of adaptive daily living devices and training. In addition optical and non-optical aids, low vision therapist provide information and recommendations to help clients make modifications to their environments so that they can continue to feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Changes can include improved lighting and contrast while reducing glare through the use of colored filters or window blinds. Sometimes simply installing a better light bulb next to a reading chair can make all the difference.

Assessments are by appointment and can be performed in our office or in the client’s home.

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