Occupational therapy focuses on reducing the impact of disability by promoting maximal independence and participation in valued activities. The broad and comprehensive education preparation of occupational therapy practitioners enables them to address the multiple dimensions of disability, including physical, psychological, cognitive, and social, that prevent children and adults from engaging in meaningful daily occupations.

Occupational Therapy Services for Individuals with Visual Impairments:

  • Promote a satisfying life: OT’s can assist older adults to age in place and participate in their communities despite impairments
  • Modify Environments and Tasks: Therapists can help minimize or remove limitations to promote successful participation in activities of daily living.
  • Prevent Accidents and Injuries: Practitioners can evaluate safety and independence to then provide recommendations and/or modify environments.
  • Educate and Train: The therapists can provide training with adaptive devices and assistive technology to enable older adults to use optical and non-optical devices to complete daily activities.
  • The therapists are also able to work with adults to use their remaining vision as efficiently as possible.

Services are determined based on an individualized occupational therapy evaluation which includes a home safety assessment. Treatment interventions are performed in individuals’ homes to ensure the carryover of personal daily activities. The number therapy sessions to achieve functional goals for the client ranges depending on the client centered treatment plans. Services will be provided in the home to help facilitate safety and independence.

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