Rehabilitation instructors teach the skills that are necessary to live safe, productive lives by using and making the best of one’s remaining vision. Working one-on-one with our clients, the focus is on areas that enhance independent living, such as cooking, banking, personal grooming, and household management.

Personal goals are also discussed such as organization, crafts or a specific skill. Helpful aids and devices might include talking watches and clocks, signature guides, bold line tablets and pens, large-print address books, and aids for money management and banking. Our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists also provide devices and adaptations that make meal preparation easier, such as liquid level indicators, loud tactile timers, and placing tactile markings on appliances.

Since each person’s personal situation is different, Rehabilitation Therapists meet with clients in their homes to discuss their needs and make appropriate recommendations so that they are able to maintain independence and carry out a range of daily activities. Training in the use of recommended aids and devices is always provided, as well.

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