Future In Sight provides a full range of social work services. These include information and referral, new client intake, case management, client and disability advocacy, and individual and group counseling.

While it’s important to turn to your eye doctor first when dealing with vision loss that can’t be corrected in the usual ways (i.e. with glasses or contact lenses,) many different kinds of vision rehabilitation services are available in addition to the eye care provided by your ophthalmologist or optometrist.

A member of our social work team can arrange to meet with a new client in his or her own home in order to determine what the vision issues are and to create a service plan. This assures that individual needs are met and that clients and their families are comfortable with the plan.

We often collaborate with other blindness organizations, such as state agencies and the VA Medical Center. Referral to other community programs (i.e. health services, social service and disability agencies, local and state organizations, etc.) can be helpful as well.

When appropriate, social workers provide adjustment to blindness and counseling for individuals living with vision loss and their families. We also facilitate peer support groups for clients who are struggling to adjust to their visual impairment.

Please visit our Success Stories page to read what our clients have to say about the help they’ve received.

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