Silver Retreat: A 5-day immersive program for individuals aged 55+ affected by severe vision impairment. These Retreats focus on communication skills, orientation & mobility, accessible technology, low visionlooking at cctv skills and devices, independent living skills, adjustment to vision loss, social interaction, and peer support.

Lodging and meals are included as part of the Retreat experience, transportation may be available to and from the Retreat.

If you or a loved one are interested in participating in an upcoming Silver Retreat, please call 603-224-4039 or email [email protected].

These Silver Retreats are presented under a contract with Services for the Blind and Vision Impaired, a division of the state’s Department of Education/Vocational Rehabilitation. Future In Sight cooperatively develops and presents the Silver Retreats with the state’s Older Individuals who are Blind or vision impaired program (OIB).

Watch some of our Silver Retreat testimonials below. For more testimonials, please click here.

Silver Retreat Testimonial: Pam Harkins

We interviewed Pam Harkins, an 89-year old Silver Retreat participant to learn about her favorite parts of the experience.

Silver Retreat Testimonial: Carl Mitchell

Silver Retreat participant Carl Mitchell shares about his experience.

Silver Retreat Testimonial: Annaliese Niklas

We interviewed Silver Retreat participant, Annaliese Nicklas, asking her to share her vision loss story and tell us what her experience at the retreat was like.