Celebrating Independence

Each year the Governor of the State of NH declares October as White Cane & Dog Guide Users Awareness Month. This video discusses the importance of both the white cane and dog guide as symbols of independence for individuals with blindness and vision loss.

There Is Something You Can Do

The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s latest short film, “There IS Something You Can Do,” addresses the recommendation to refer all low vision patients early to low vision rehabilitation.

Living Better With Vision Loss

This video discusses the challenges of vision loss and the great importance of the services Future In Sight can provide.

Accessible Voting for Vision Loss

We’ve put together this video to demonstrate the new accessible "one4all" voting system that New Hampshire has put in place, which will be available for the Presidential Primary.


How Can I Help You?

This video was created in coordination with Concord Hospital as a learning tool for the medical community. It depicts the “wrong” and “right” way to address a patient who is blind or visually impaired in a medical setting.

Living a Full Life with Low Vision

Overview of Future In Sight and how individuals have overcome the challenges of adjusting to vision loss.

Clients Share Their Experiences

Success stories of several Future In Sight clients.