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Voting Accessibility in NH

The information contained here applies safe and accessible voting in the 2020 September primary and general election in November and will be updated for each election cycle as a standing resource.

Accessible Voting in NH with the One4All System

General Election – November 2020

Coming soon! A step by step video demonstration of what to expect at the polling places for accessible voting in NH next month.


Request an Accessible Absentee Ballot


1) Make your request as soon as you can

Recently, New Hampshire has implemented an accessible absentee voting system for voters with print disabilities. As stated on the NH Secretary of State’s website: “This system allows a voter to receive and mark an absentee ballot using their own personal computer. The marked ballot, after being secured in the affidavit envelope, must then be returned to the city or town clerk by conventional means.

Only voters who have a print disability that makes use of the system necessary may use the electronic application and absentee voting system.” To learn more and to download an application to receive instruction and the required envelope to return your completed ballot to your city or town clerk, visit: 


for details. 

It’s advisable to start the process for the general election as early as you can to allow for time needed to request, receive, complete and return your accessible absentee ballot by the deadline.


2) Vote!

(and print out on your printer)

Following the instructions you receive along with your accessible absentee ballot affidavit envelope, mark your ballot using your computer, print, sign and seal envelope.


3) Return your Ballot to the Clerk

Return your Absentee Ballot through the mail or hand deliver it to your city or town clerk.

Be sure to give the post office plenty of time to deliver your ballot  OR If dropping off at the town clerk, do it as soon as possible to allow time for processing!


4) Track Your Ballot

Track your ballot at : https://sos.nh.gov




NH Statewide Elections

When, where and how to vote in New Hampshire!

General Election – Tuesday November 3, 2020

NH General Voting Information : https://sos.nh.gov/

NH Polling Locations : http://app.sos.nh.gov/Public/PollingPlaceSearch.aspx

NH Polling Hours:  Hours vary by municipality, however, polls must open at 11 a.m. or earlier and cannot close before 7:00 p.m.

Find out if you are Registered to Vote

Check your registration status online at: https://sos.nh.gov/

Voter Registration Requirements

To register to vote in New Hampshire, each applicant must meet these three requirements:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be an inhabitant of New Hampshire
  • Be at least 18 years old before the next election date

Where to register to vote

Individuals may register to vote at:

  • The local town clerk’s office
  • With the community’s supervisors of the checklist or registrar of voters
  • At the polling place on the day of the election
  • Register to vote by Absentee Ballot online

What you need for documentation

Applicants must fill out a voter registration form and either show proof of identity, residence, and citizenship or sign an affidavit witnessed by an election official.

Is there an early voting period?

New Hampshire does not permit early voting. 

Voter ID Law in NH

New Hampshire’s voter ID requirements are outlined in Section 659:13 of state law. The law states, “Valid photo identification shall show the name of the individual to whom the identification was issued, and the name shall substantially conform to the name in the individual’s voter registration record.” To view the full text of the law vist:

Forms of Accepted ID

This list is current as of November 2019:

  • Driver’s license issued by any state or the federal government
  • Photo ID card issued by the motor vehicles division, department, agency, or office of any other state
  • United States armed services identification card
  • United States passport or passcard
  • Valid student identification card issued by a college, university, or career school in New Hampshire
  • Valid student ID from a public high school in New Hampshire
  • Valid student ID from a nonpublic high school in New Hampshire

Provisional Ballot 

Voters without proper photo identification may cast provisional ballots (known as a challenged voter affidavit in New Hampshire). A poll worker will take a photo of the voter and attach it to the affidavit. The voter may then cast a regular ballot. If the voter objects to being photographed for religious reasons, he or she can complete an affidavit of religious exemption, which will be attached to the challenged voter affidavit.


Problems with Accessible Voting?

Unfortunately, on occasion, some people experience difficulties or issues at their polling place. Here are a few things to keep in mind and what to do if it happens to you.

New Hampshire Voting Law:

It’s the law that every polling place In New Hampshire has an accessible voting system (called One4All). The NH Secretary of State’s office provides the systems to each polling place. 

Poll Worker Responsibility:

Upon arrival, you must ask specifically to use the accessible voting system and a poll worker has to put a code for your Ward into the system to initiate it.  The poll worker also needs to put the ballot in the printer to assure it is inserted in the right orientation.  

Call for Help

If you are not provided with the equipment or assistance that you need on Election Day, contact the Secretary of State’s office at 1-833-276-0034 from your polling place. They have staff available to help.  

Arrive Early

Go to vote earlier in the day if you can, so that there’s ample time to resolve any issue that might arise. 

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