August 21, 2020

A Big Thank You Message! Walk for Sight 2020 (Infographic)

- Future In Sight

hands shaped like a heart

We extend an enormous THANK YOU from all of us to to all of you for your personal role in making the Future in Sight Walk for Sight 2020 a big success!

In spite of the added challenges we have all faced this year, the effort level and participation of our supporters  – YOU – shattered expectations and made significant contributions to our mission. Your generous donations of time, funds, photos, videos, enthusiasm and all around support help us connect with more people who would benefit from training, education and vision rehabilitation services.  Without a doubt, Randy Pierce’s inspirational video series that spanned the twenty days was an event highlight, and will continue to propel us toward ongoing goals.

The results, statistics and supporters for this 20 day event, are shared here as an online infographic. This graphic is designed to pay thanks and tribute all of those who made the event possible. The infographic format is yet another way to present information about the success of the event with the hopes to engage more people, create something shareable, and extend our reach further to help spread the word about who we are, what we do and how much we value those who support us.


Description of the Walk for Sight 2020 ThankYou Infographic:

The size of the graphic is large, a full screen width for most computers and over 4600 pixels from top to bottom.

The majority of the background is bright white with our Walk for Sight 2020 deep purple as the header and footer colors on the top and bottom with bold white text and our Future in Sight logo.

(Headline message)
“What an Impact! Our community stepped up, and look what we accomplished together”

(Body content)
There are several large graphics scattered around the page, some with number values of the event results.

The list of graphics are as follows:

  • As a symbol of the variety of walkers that participated, there is a row of black footprint silhouettes including, barefoot, men’s shoe, high heel, work boots, flip flops. Next to the footprints is a small wheelchair graphic with an enthusiastic stick figure walker seated, wearing a purple WFS t-shirt, arms in the air and a big smile.
  • The Total Raised: this graphic is a big blue arrow pointing up and the number value in white of “Over 60k”.
  • The direct center of the infographic has a large “Thank You” in white text on a deep purple circle background, trimmed with the Future In Sight teal blue color. There is also a pink heart displayed just above the words.
  • In the center of the upper half of the infographic is a black silhouette of a whole family walking, mom, dad, and three children of different ages all holding hands. Just beneath that graphic in large blue letter is the word “Supporters”, with the number “439” in extra bold black text. This number represent all the walkers, donors, supports, participant’s and staff that contributed to the event.
  • There is a blue and purple calendar graphic to the right that says “20 days of Fun & Walking!” in black text.
  • There is another graphic to the left of a silhouette of a man walking with the guide dog. The man and dog are teal blue and there is large text next to it that says “28 Teams”. This represents the number of teams that were organized this year as part of the event.
  • In the lower half of the infographic towards the right is a graphic of the Facebook like thumbs up alongside the text and numbers “12,708 People Reached on Social Media”. This number is actually a combination of Facebook and Twitter event reach combined.
  • To the lower left side is a black silhouette of three business people, alongside the text and numbers “68 Local NH Businesses & Organizations”. This number includes all businesses, clubs, groups or companies that either sponsored or donated to this event.
  • On the right below that is a graphic of a deep purple piggy bank with a Future in Sight Walk for Sight 2020 commemorative coin being inserted in his back. The big white and teal blue text on the bank reads “288 Donations made”. This reflects the actual number of individual donations made.
  • In the bottom center of the infographic is a purple and black graphic of a laptop, on the screen of the laptop in big bold white and teal blue it reads “3,713 Visits to the Website”. This number represents the total visits to the Future In Sight website throughout the course of the event.

(Background of the entire infographic)

Every bit of the white background of this graphic is filled with the names of every single person, business and team that contributed to the success of this event. These are all listed randomly, in no specific groupings or order, in a bold dark teal blue font. This is our wall of fame.

The bottom footer of the infographic is the deep purple, just like the header. The large white chunky text on the footer reads “We are bursting with gratitude! Thank you from all of us at Future In Sight”.  Below that is our address and phone number in smaller white text and our circle Future In Sight logo appears to the right of all the text.


Listed below the graphic are the names from our “Wall of Fame” – in completely random order!


Thank You Infographic - Walk For Sight 2020


Find your own name, the name of your organization or Walk for Sight team name!

Retina Vision Center
Mary Phinney
Linda C. Olander
Neil Collesidis
Chesterfield Lions Club
Betty Henderson
Lauren Dufner
Seufert Professional Association
2020 Vision Quest
Frederick Zajchowski
Suzanna Schmitt
Service Credit Union
Carol Hill
Irene H. Jewett
Nancy Landry
Allison Melanson
Regina Mattrella
Thomas E. Brown
Jane St. Onge
Mark E. Thompson Excavating, Inc.
The Eye-Team
Matt Bryant
Sidian Lan
Amherst Lions Charities, Inc.
Eric Kidd
Nancy Driscoll
Ashley Goulson
Robert F. Martin
Kathleen Norris
Dawn-Marie Poirier
MVC Eye Care
Dale Coggins
Sara Mulligan
Donna Fanny
Scott Krauchunas
Barbara Ashworth
Bill Mannion
Merrimack County Savings Bank
Mary Rauchfuss
M. Jonathan Mishcon
Fred Fournier
Andrew L. Phelps
Northeast Tire Service, Inc.
Robbie Walton
Anne Roosevelt
Meghan D. Cusick
Keagen Kelly
Paula Mercier
Bill Blake
Annabella Blauvelt
Silas Dufner
Laura Mercurio
Denise Cloutier
Donald Fish
Eric Hanson
Paula Kligerman
Donna Young
Cherie Senz
Walking for 20/20
Michelle Litzenberg
Brianna Smith-Fisher
William Messner
Edward Vaupel
Amy Nichols
Mason Masotta
Donald Bradley
Loudon Lions
Elizabeth Hodgdon
Clayton A. Miller, Inc.
Tracy Pierce
Hurlbutt Construction
Leslie Azaret
Sasha Clark
Lee and Laura Smith
Ellen Dodge
Nancy M. Keefe
Trevor Ward
Robert Peters
Bobby Clark
Janet Arnett
Foster Materials
Catherine Smith-Fisher
Dina Galligan
Joan M. Ryan
Jayne Coppola
Brookelyn Rowell
Douglas B. Phelps
Ellen Moy
Franklin Veterinary Clinic, LLC
Mich Procaccini
Richard Cantz
Arthur Heron
The Doggone Best Team
Nashua Eye Associates
Pamela Brewster
Meredith Village Savings Bank
Bruce R. Keyes
Dan Shurpik
George R. Dodier
Paul Kidd
Mead & Braley Standing Seam Roofing
Muriel N. Boynton
Payton Mullen
Ray and Dottie Morin
Anthony Dotson
Steve Goulding
Keene Lions Club
Ed Marsh
James Kelly
Tom Mamos
Jess Elways
Dr. Dorothy’s Team
Kathy Zajchowski
InFocus Eyecare
Bank of New Hampshire
David Hagen
David J. Hagen
Debra Onnela
Deb Moore
George Colburn
Laureen Barry
Team Delaney
Melissa Beachum
Mary L. Bastian
Richard Fournier
Ray Mulligan
NFB NH Equalizers
Christopher Morgan
Charlie P. Mathews
Jane Driscoll
Gary Sherman
Sharon Sabol
Bernard Courtemanche
Karen Tuttle
Kathleen Horgan
Randy Pierce
Kirsten Dotson
Erin Denning
Suzi Bard
NH Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons
Robert Shaw
Goss Lumber Company
Ken Anderson
Ed Kingsley
Ruth Boynton
Thomas Gargano
Patricia Hawkins
Jailene Rodriguez
Kathy Elliott
Aubrei Blauvelt
Kelley Mullen
Delaney Kelly
David Keenan
Gerry Byam
Rob Hale
Park N Go Market
Anne Haley
Nancy Downing
Chris Groteau
Mark Harris
Caitlin Brennan
James Hanson
Continental Machine Corp.
Nik Karangioze
Daniel Jorgensen
Samantha Mochrie
Stephanie Hurd
James E. Mackinson
Christine Kidd
Bedford Strollers
Stephanie Rowell
Rhoda W. Hardy
George Claborn
Elizabeth Lambert
Ashley Noto
Laura Ray
Nashua Eye Associates, PA
Mark A. Morse
Kristen Bryant
Carol Pollard
Vincent Giambalvo
Sandown Lions Club
Ed B. Marsh
Highland Hardwoods
Thomas Zajchowski
Kevin M. Quinlan
James Rosenberg
Jeanne Bellemore
Stefanie Allen
Tea Pasholli
Brent Walton
Robert L. Currier
Locklyn Rowell
Lynne Terry
Lydia DeWitt
Clarke & Company Earthworks Contractors
Evision Eyecare
Alison Bennett
Elaine St Godard
Deirdre O’Brien
Crystal Lemay
Penelope Camirand
Enfield-Mascoma Lions Club
Susan LaVenture
Rosemarie Reitter-Best
Matt Poulin
Rosealline M. Tilton
New Hampshire State Troopers Association
David A. Poulin
Kim Kerepka
Delany Procaccini
Caitlin Cusick
Randy L. Pierce
Jameson French
William E. Leber
David Morgan
Emma Kelly
Charline Hagen
Brad St. Onge
Stacey Venne
Brian Doyle
Patenaude Lumber Company, Inc.
Martha McCoy
Exeter Area Lions Club
Rita E. Norander
Gabe St. Onge
C.W. Sliter & Sons, Inc.
Tim Trenger
Scott Nichols
Franklin Area Lions Club
Sue Peirce
Roxanne Ferrin
Glen Booth
Kathy Mulligan
Valentini Kalargyrou
Stephen P. Smith
Codie Buchan
Robin Klein
Kim Carnegie
Henniker Forest Products
David L. Bruce
Adam LaMonica
Sandra Walsh
Thomas Nolan
Krista Brown
Heidi Terwilliger
Gina and Randy
Patricia J. Manning
Beth Key
David Martin
Patricia Carnegie
Denise Vaillancourt
Kathy Notis
Nick Blauvelt
Jeff Morse
Sarah White
Merchants Fleet Management
Focused Eye Care – Helfman Lasky & Associates
Kristy M. Estes
Elsa Miller
Seacoast Advisory Committee
Bobby-Ann Dostie
Sarah Karangioze
William A. Bardsley
Carol Spicer
Robert Dufner
Susan A. Manchester
Amy Bickford
Clyde Currier
Deborah E. Moore
Carol Burgess
Joe Gilmartin
Hannah Dufner
Susan B. Norris
Michael Rounds
Lindsey Page
Andover Lions Club
Tim Murray
Madeline R. Boulanger
David Hassett
Deborah Fournier
Deborah / Allen Ryan
Helping Others
Northeast Delta Dental
Michael Mulligan
Cambridge Trust Company
Joshua Barton
Dennis E. Fenton
Elektrisola, Inc.
Adam Zajchowski
Susan Aste
Jared Parr
Herbert Carpenter
Bryce Mitchell
Jade Dostie
RoseMarie Giambalvo
Hampstead Lions Club
Charles Keyser
Barbara Schneekloth
Jessica Byam
Karen A. Boguzewski
Charles B. Darling
Anja Novcic
Mark Perry
Angela Claffy
J.A. Garneau Companies
Terri Ponton
DHMC Visionaries
John Hall
Denise Caruso
Marcia Clark
Joanie & Woody Wishart
Davis Hunt Law, PLLC
Janelle Sartorio
Angela Henderson
Andrew Zajchowski
Paxton Mullen
Gilman Grange #1
Donald Stebbins
Davis & Towle Insurance Group
Marco Rocheville
Diane Schofield
Martin Interiors
Mike Walker
Barry Boriss
Stephen Brown
Madison Lust
Virginia Perry
Christopher J. Rull
Tricia Sheehan
New Futures
Cindy Richard
Lisa Mulligan
Brighter Futures
Team Haley
Brian L. Tilton
Janet E. Swain
Jay Boynton
Scott Webber
Amy Anderson
Kent Hackmann
Lindsay Stratton
Joshua Zajchowski
Judith Rogato
Ginny McCarthy
Uptown Funky Walkers
Cloe Rocheville
Sebastion Dostie
Luke Kidd
Bertha L. Bruno
Lauryn Anderson
Letitia C. Dudley
Martha L. Fowler
Carolyn Cline
Pam Hall
Maura St. Onge
Trendy Stanchfield
Laura Keefe
Kevin D. McMahon
Luisa I. Coppinger
Team Hillbillies
Timothy Dufner
Joanne M. Mollica
Kelly Forrister
Eric Fournier
Jennifer Lamonday
Jeff Gleed
Paul McMahon
Danielle Morse
NH Eye Associates, P.A.
Kenneth Ward
Jacob Lessard
Guy Lessard
Byron’s Septic Service
Linda Shurpik
Devine Inspiration 2020
Stephanie Gilbert
FIS Board Walkers
Francis Polito
Grevior Furniture, Inc.
Eye See Vision Care
Team Zebra
Melinda Hill
Diane McClung
Gail Scannell
King Forest Industries
Susan D. Miller
Jennifer Morgan
Madeleine C. Rozumek
Beth Daisy
Geraldine Lange
Colby Lumber Co. Inc.
Mike Mullen
Beauchine Auto Service
Magalie Medar
Charles Keefe
Amara VanAmburg
Erika Teal
Margaret Coolidge
Concord Eye Center
Alisha Maltais
Madison Hendrick
Jo Beth Lockwood
Kelly Spain-Kelly
Jocelyn Lamonday
Stephen Zajchowski
Michael A. Szymkowski
Timothy D. Rheaume
John Buthorn
Casey Borges
Kristina Goumas
Craig Dostie
Ellen F. Keefe
Nancy Druke
Sean Kelly
Kenneth L. Berry
Bonnie Maney
Sandra C. Graves
Natalie Wells
Steven Bois
Keith Schofield
Tom Murphy
East Rockingham Pomona Grange 11
Cara Delaney
First Seacoast Bank
Precision Lumber, Inc.
Halei Mock
Chadwick Funeral Service LLC
Maggie Yebba
Concord Lions Club
Aiden Masterson
Michelle Lambert
Epping Lions Club
Wolfeboro Lions Club
Deborah Moore
Kate and Steve Puleo
Jean M. Jaworski
Opal’s Stars
Alex Morgan
Nathalie Fortier
David Kenepp
Marc Elliott
Karen Gorayeb
Onnela Lumber II
HHP, Inc.
Christy Kiernan
Sheila Roberts
Joseph Rull
Amy Bossi
Margo Bowie
Liam Delaney
Arielle McBride
Esther Boriss
New Hampshire Optometric Association
Robert Gallo
Kelly Gauthier
Blind Ambition
Rosanne Giambalvo
Linda Paquette
Dorothy Hitchmoth
Marcia H. Condon
Jessica Graff
Doreen Perreault
Denise R. Ezekiel
Russell Davis
Richard’s Racers
Carolyn Ross
Richard F. Hattan
Brookline Lions Club
Cambridge Cats
Donna Sewall
The Medical Eye Center
Steven Spain
Peggy L. Morgan
Amy J. Nichols
Charles Valliere
Frank Haley
Derry Village Rotary
International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc.
Christy C. Fujio
Pinardville Lions Club
Ronan Kiernan
Elizabeth Kiernan
Evalyn Keefe
Kimberly McQuaid
Erin Salcone
Sandra Lambert
Ethel Montuori


We hope to see you all next year!