New Hampshire Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program


The NH – TEAP provides specialized telephone landline equipment for people who have difficulty using a standard phone due to a disability such as vision loss, hearing loss or challenges to speech or mobility. This program helps New Hampshire residents with disabilities by providing financial and hands-on assistance, when needed, so they can acquire and use telephones especially to access emergency services.

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NH TEAP Guidelines for Full Financial AssistanceFuture In Sight staff is available as a resource to you and to help you with the application process. Our staff will help you apply for the program by coordinating the completion of the NH-TEAP Application form and the Disability Certification form which is also required.  They will use the information on your application to help select the best phone for you and provide support as needed.

TEAP: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign the Certification of Disability form?
An audiologist, primary care physician, nurse, eye doctor or the Future In Sight representative.

What type of equipment is available?
NH TEAP provides landline telecommunication devices to access basic phone services.

What are the income eligibility standards for the full financial assistance?
Some program participants qualify for no-cost equipment. Others share in the cost of the equipment. Please refer to the chart below for the full financial assistance eligibility.

Please contact us at services@futureinsight.org for more information.

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TEAP Program Testimonials

TEAP Telephones and Equipment

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This program is administered by the NH Governor’s Commission on Disability and the equipment is the property of the Commission.

Telephone Equipment Options

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Sonic Blink Strobe Receiver

The Sonic Blink wireless receiver, model BL300, is one of the most powerful products Sonic Alert has on the market today. This wireless receiver has a built-in strobe light, designed for signaling. This powerful signal receiver’s strobe light projects 360 degrees of flashing to remove blind spots.

This Sonic Blink receives a signal from one of the transmitters, which activates the strobe light on the sonic receiver. Depending on which transmitter is activated, the sonic receiver may have a different flashing sequence.

  • Perfect for places where a lamp would not be used such as bathroom, kitchen, hallway, basement or garage
  • Use as many receivers as you need. No lamp or light needed
  • Flashes 20 times per second
  • Wall Mount Receiver, cord free

Sonic Signaler

The DB200 will alert you to someone at your door or your phone ringing. This dual purpose DB200 will make your life easier.

Are you looking for a dual purpose doorbell and telephone signaler? The DB200 is unique because it produces zero false alarms and is not triggered by sound. It chiefly works as a wireless doorbell signaler. This wireless doorbell signaler alerts you to someone being at your door by flashing a light that is plugged into the base unit or different Sonic Alert receivers anywhere within your household.

It also is a telephone signaler too. You just have to plug the telephone signaler into a modular telephone jack. The low equivalent number does not gain any phone line power. This product works with the following remote receivers: SA101, SA201, BL300, RH100, and the remote receivers of the SB1000 alarm clock.

This product can do multiple things. It solves two purposes for the customer. In the end, it works perfectly to alert you to multiple signals that you need to keep tabs on.

Able Phone Voice Activated Dialer

To use the Able Phone AP 5000 Voice Activated Dialer, install following the instructions provided, then activate the telephone’s speakerphone, pick up the handset or press the “talk” button on your cordless phone and “tell” the phone what name to dial without having to press a button.

Features: Easily connects between your phone and the phone line Programming phone numbers is easy – simply follow the voice prompts Program up to 60 names and phone numbers Numbers not in memory can be manually dialed.

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