February 7, 2022

Activities for Individuals who are Blind & Visually Impaired Made Possible by FEEDNH.org!

- Randy Pierce

two elderly women painting on a canvas

Future In Sight hosts several low or no-cost activities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired with the support of FEEDNH.org this February!

At Future In Sight, we know that creating opportunities to socialize with peers, explore new hobbies, and receive support and training is needed now more than ever. Our monthly activities accomplish this by covering topics catering to the demands and interests of Future In Sight clients and their families.

This February, our activities include Heart Art for Valentine’s Day, a book club meeting, holistic counseling with humor, meet-up groups, and more! These activities provide specialized instructions for participants using auditory cues, contrasting backgrounds, and other techniques for increased accessibility.

FEEDNH.org, which provides funding to NH-based non-profits benefitting families, the elderly, education, and the disadvantaged, is proud to announce a sponsorship providing funds to Future In Sight’s adult and youth education and social activities.

FeedNH.org will supply the funding for the necessary tools, equipment, and support to conduct these peer groups, workshops, and training sessions open to NH residents who are blind or visually impaired for February 2022. 

FEEDNH.org – Great New Hampshire Restaurants’ Charitable TrustFeed NH Logo with the Word Feed in red. NH is in blue with the handle of a fork used to cross through the H. and A red ribbon below with the words "Great NH Restaurants' Charitable Trust"

The development of FEEDNH.org came to fruition to help meet the ever-growing need for resources in New Hampshire. FEEDNH.org strives to meet the needs of New Hampshire’s Families, Elderly, Education, and Disadvantaged through providing funding, food, education, and volunteer services to registered New Hampshire-based non-profits who benefit these groups!