January 11, 2017

Cliff Smith

- Future In Sight

future in sight members taking a tour of the garden at the strawbery banke museum

Being a volunteer for the New Association for the Blind has made me feel like I am doing my part to make a difference within my community. Being able to drive people to appointments, the grocery store or to monthly group meetings is definitely a necessity to those who are unable to drive and without my help would not be as independent as they are. I look forward to receiving the call asking if I can help. I have the time and volunteering for NHAB makes me feel good, makes me happy and gives me a great sense of purpose. I meet many new people and all of them are very grateful for the rides and the assistance that I provide. I’m glad I can help and it’s my pleasure to be part of such a great agency.

-Cliff Smith, Volunteer since 2014