January 9, 2018

David Patton

- Future In Sight

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“If you believe, you can do it!” So says David Patton, a client at the New Hampshire Association for the Blind. In 2008, David lost much of his sight due to two strokes. Driving truck was no longer an option for his livelihood. Being an active and productive member of society was very important to him.


He sought help from a number of sources including Steve Barbas at Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired who works closely with professionals at the New Hampshire Association for the Blind. Together, they helped David. He learned white cane travel, applied for and attended Guiding Eyes for the Blind and has a guide dog, named Sabrina.

David loves to bake and has started his own specialty cake business, PattyCake, PattyCake. He created a special cake for the Association’s 2011 Blind Awareness Walk-A-Thon. Besides baking, David is busy with his wife and four children. He is a member of the Manchester Lions Club and was recently asked to serve on the Board of NH Soccer Association TOPSoccer, a soccer program for disabled kids.