April 6, 2021

Eye Protection for Spring Activities

- Sarah Melasecca, Director of Adult Services

a visually impaired man using special eyewear to fish

I don’t know about you, but I have spring fever!  The last of the snow is gone from my yard, and I know that any spring snow that comes our way won’t last long!  Around the Future In Sight office the neighborhood has crocuses and daffodils in bloom, and people are raking and doing yard clean up to the tune of spring bird song.  Last weekend I was doing some early prep in my own garden, trimming dead branches from the shrubbery, and even running the chainsaw for some trees that needed to come down.

When you do yard work or other outdoor activities, are you considering eye protection?  April is Sports Eye Safety Month – it’s a good reminder to think about how to keep eyes safe during all these spring activities, from sports to yard work.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, most sports-related eye injuries can be avoided by using the proper protection – and that translates over to other activities as well.  It’s pretty obvious that using a chainsaw requires eye protection… but it’s important to think about it with less intensive activities as well!

Little girl in a pink shirt rock digging and wearing eye protection

Wearing eye protection while doing yard work can prevent injuries.  The lawn mower or weed eater can throw out dirt and twigs, a small branch when trimming trees or shrubs by hand can fall in unexpected ways.  Even low-key gardening activities have risks to the eyes – a sudden breeze can sweep leaves or tiny particles up into your face, whether you are working in a multi-acre plot, or a small container garden!  If you use fertilizers, lime, or other additives they can affect the eyes, adding soil or compost can include loose particles; make sure to read directions on any packaging and protect your eyes during their use.  It’s important for both the person doing the yard work and any bystanders to have eye protection to safely enjoy these activities.

What do you enjoy doing in spring?  How can you incorporate eye safety in your spring activities? Whatever activities you enjoy doing as the nice weather beacons, keep your eye safety in mind for yourself and those around you!