November 25, 2020

Grant from the Ella F. Anderson Trust to Support Future In Sight

- Future In Sight

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Nashua, New Hampshire (November 9, 2020)

Future In Sight recently received a grant from the Ella F. Anderson Trust, BNY Mellon, N.A., Trustee.  This grant from the Trust supports Future In Sight’s vision rehabilitation services for elderly clients in Nashua, making a positive impact on residents with profound vision loss through Future In Sight since 2004.

The Trust’s longstanding support of the services Future In Sight delivers to meet the needs of seniors who struggle with vision loss and isolation, particularly at this time of health crises. In the past year the organization has served 62 individuals in Nashua, working with them to attain their goals related to maximizing their remaining vision, safely navigating their environments, mastering personal care, preparing meals, and connecting with others to reduce feelings related to isolation.

“This grant from the Trust will make an important contribution to the funds that support Nashua older adults who are blind or visually impaired. Whether supporting direct service delivery or offsetting the costs of adaptive aids and devices for elderly individuals who live with limited, low incomes, philanthropy plays a critical role in our ability to reach and serve people whose declining vision gets in the way of their independence – and safety,” says Jane Driscoll, VP for Development, Marketing and Communication at Future In Sight, adding, “We are most grateful.”