November 25, 2020

Future In Sight Receives Grant from the Oleonda Jameson Trust

- Future In Sight

Oleonda Jameson Trust thank you candle

Concord, New Hampshire

Future In Sight recently received a grant from the Oleonda Jameson Trust to provide a range of vision rehabilitation services for New Hampshire seniors and elderly adults who are blind or visually impaired.  The funding from the Trust will serve those seniors and elderly adults who are struggling with the additional complicating factors of aging with very low incomes.

Being blind, or having a profound vision impairment puts someone at risk socially, emotionally, and physically.  Older adults with visual impairments often experience an increase in social isolation, which is compounded these days by the physical isolation that has been the hallmark of reducing risk associated with COVID-19.

“We are honored by this grant from the Oleonda Jameson Trust that supports the work of our adult services team as they support older adults who live with low incomes, often in poverty, and are blind or visually impaired. We are reaching and serving more seniors and elders who are acquiring age-related conditions that lead to vision loss that impairs their ability to live safely, access information, and adequately navigate their world. We are able to help many individuals earlier in their journey with sight loss,” says Jane Driscoll, VP for Development, Marketing and Communication.

If you (or someone you know) would benefit from learning techniques to maximize your remaining vision, identify and learn to use aids, devices and assistive technology to enhance your confidence and independence, contact us at [email protected]