May 27, 2021

Introducing Kaila and Her Crafty Events!

- Stephanie Hurd, Assistive Technology/Activities Specialist

two elderly women painting on a canvas

Future In Sight has been busy with offering a wide variety of tech workshops and activities for youth and adults on Zoom. As we continue to expand on such opportunities, it is a pleasure to introduce the addition of Kaila Allen to the Future In Sight team. Kaila comes to us with fabulous experience facilitating Zoom crafts through her volunteer work with the American Council of the Blind/ACB. She is warm and engaging, bringing instructional knowledge; developing great craft ideas and  teaching people who are blind and visually impaired how to make fun projects.  Kaila lives in Arizona, and her crafts and activities with future In Sight are proving very successful over Zoom, which provides a space without geographic barriers and is inclusive and welcoming to anyone with vision loss.

Some of Kaila’s upcoming craft activities include, Magnificent Magnet Crafting and a patriotic bead flag. Aside from crafting and volunteering, Kaila enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two children, swimming,  riding bicycles and having picnics at the park. Again welcome Kaila to Future In Sight.

Missed an event? No problem! Check out our Podcast for Kaila’s Craft Corner, you can listen to the whole class anytime.

Kaila's Craft Corner Podcast cover with bright colored craft paper