March 1, 2022

March Forth with these Pillars of Eye Health Awareness

- Randy Pierce

a family jumping with joy in a park


“We support the Medical Eye Professionals who tend to your best eye health…”

“…and we provide the training, tools, and services for low vision and blindness which transforms lives!”

March is Save Your Vision Month and we advocate fully for the best eye health possible for everyone. It is part of the reason we strive to build partnerships with the medical eye professionals who educate and advocate towards our aligned objective. When sight challenges arise, these partners manage the health aspects in all the best ways possible. When low vision realities are part of the process, we encourage their direct referrals along with the many self-referrals we receive.

Future In Sight has a team of professionals to evaluate each individual, develop a personalized plan for training, tools, and services, which will help guide the way to competence, confidence, and independence in all aspects of life.

So while we value our partners for tending to the wellness of everyone’s vision,  we all have an active role in attending March’s four pillars of eye wellness. We’ll simply share them here for you with links to encourage how you may best care for and protect your eye health. Just allow us to remind you that with the support of many partners, we are here to ensure there is a better future in sight thanks to Future In Sight!


Informational Links

March is Save Your Vision Month

March is Eye Safety Month

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

March is National Eye Donor Awareness Month