July 30, 2019

Specialized Phone Equipment & Services Program for NH Residents with Disabilities

- Future In Sight

880i TEAP phone

CONCORD, NH (August 8, 2019) –  Concord-based Future In Sight is now the statewide provider for “NH-TEAP” (Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program). NH-TEAP provides services for individuals who struggle with or are unable to use standard telephone equipment for emergency assistance and daily use due to a disability. The program offers specialized telecommunications equipment and in-home services when needed for New Hampshire residents with vision loss, hearing impairment or difficulty with speech and mobility. The Future In Sight staff will assess each applicant and match the client needs with appropriate equipment and provide the in-home training needed to use them.

“As Executive Director of the Governor’s Commission on Disability (GCD), I congratulate Future In Sight as the successful bidder of the GCD’s Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program (TEAP) provider,” states Charles Saia  “This critical State of New Hampshire program assures that individuals with disabilities have access to telecommunications.” Saia goes on to say, “Future In Sight, as a direct service provider, consistently provides a range of assistance to the most vulnerable of NH’s population. This includes services such as rehabilitation, education, various trainings and counseling for people who are blind or visually impaired. As important, Future In Sight does not deny services to anyone based upon an ability to pay.”

“We are thrilled to be working on behalf of the Governor’s Commission on Disability as we deliver on the promise of our mission to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities through education, training and support,” says David Morgan, President & CEO of Future In Sight, “Through this NH-TEAP partnership, accessible telecommunication technology will enhance day-to-day life in the homes of individuals with a range of disabilities.”

About Future In Sight

Serving New Hampshire since 1912, Future In Sight is New Hampshire’s only non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, as well as addressing any accompanying disabilities they experience. Credentialed professionals provide a range of education, rehabilitation, and social services for infants and toddlers, children, adults, and seniors whose sight loss would otherwise restrict their ability to thrive in their communities.  About the Governor’s Commission on Disability

The overall mission of the GCD is to educate on the Americans with Disabilities Act and to insure that those with a disability may live in society on equal par with all. FIS embodies this belief by consistently delivering a continuum of care which embodies access for all.

How to get started with NH-TEAP

To participate in the program, interested parties start by filling out the TEAP Application Form found on the Future In Sight website. The Future In Sight staff is available as a resource to assist with the application process and coordinating the completion of the Disability Certification Form, which is also required. Some program participants qualify for no-cost equipment. Others will share in the cost of the equipment.

Contact Regina Matrella, Social Work Supervisor at Future In Sight for more information at 603.224.4039 or email [email protected]