October 1, 2021

October is Children’s Vision Month

- Sherry Burbank, Director of Youth Services

Happy children laying on grass showing their hands with hearts painted on their palms

October is Children’s Vision Month, designed to encourage parents to book annual eye exams for their children to ensure their eye health. This is important for children with and without known vision impairmentsEye exams can begin as early as six months and are important to detect and prevent vision loss, as well as to protect eye health. 

One in Four

One in four children is said to have vision problems. Many of these go unnoticed without a full screening from a qualified Eye Care Professional. Since 80% of learning is visual, eye exams can often make a difference in a child’s success at school. 

October highlights the importance of getting children’s eyes examined, preferably once a year. 

Where to Get your Child’s Eyes Checked

In New Hampshire, there are resources available for children to get low or no-cost vision screenings. These are often run in schools, in conjunction with a local Lions’ Club. If a screening shows a child has vision needs, a referral can be made to an optometrist for a vision exam. School nurses are a great place to start for questions about your child’s vision. 

-Credit to:  https://nelowvision.com/2016/10/02/october-blindness-awareness-month/