September 8, 2021

Our thanks and gratitude! Walk for Sight 2021

- Future In Sight

kids with their hands in the middle of a circle doing a cheer

We extend a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Future In Sight to everyone who made the Walk for Sight 2021 a big success!

The past couple of years have been challenging for everyone, in spite of that, we received SO MUCH support and effort from our donors, clients and communities around the state. YOU – exceeded expectations and made significant contributions to our mission.

Your generous donations of time, funds, and all-around support, help us continue to connect with more people who would benefit from training, education and vision rehabilitation services.

We have created the infographic at the bottom of this page to compile and present the results and statistics for the 7-day event and to pay special thanks to each and every person that helped us along the way!

The infographic format is yet another way to present information about the event with the hopes to engage more people, create something shareable, and extend our reach further to help spread the word about who we are, what we do and how much we value those who support us.


Description of the “Walk for Sight 2021 Thank You Infographic”

The size of the graphic is large, a full screen width for most computers and over 6000 pixels from top to bottom.


(Top header section and Title)
The top header area background is a deep navy-blue with our square Walk for Sight 2021 logo in the top left corner. To the right of the logo in big bold white text is the title “You Rock!” with a small pink heart accent. The subtitle is a bright light blue which says, “To all our Sponsors, Supporters and Community Members”.


(Main body content)
The majority of the graphic body background is bright white, in this section there are 3 graphic accent illustrations across the top and then 6 large graphic illustrations spaced evenly right down the middle of the page, each with number values of the event results. To the left and right of those graphics, down the edges of the page, are ALL the names of the people who made this event possible, in alphabetical order, these will be listed at the very end of the description.

The top 3 graphics from left to right: a Future In Sight Walk for Sight 2021 T-Shirt in dark navy blue with white letters, then a blue and purple calendar graphic that says, “7 days of Fun & Walking”, and a pair of sneakers colored deep purple to the right of that.


The vertical list of graphics down the center are as follows from top to bottom:

  • Teams – A silhouette of a man walking with the guide dog. The man and dog are dark navy-blue and there is large text next to it that says, “17 Amazing Teams”. This represents the number of teams that were organized this year as part of the event.
  • Walkers – This second graphic is a navy-blue silhouette of a whole family walking, mom, dad, and three children of different ages all holding hands. Just beneath that graphic in large black text is the number “68” followed by the words, “Virtual Fundraising Walkers”. This number represent all those who registered as walkers for the event and contributed to the fundraising for the event.
  • Sponsors – A navy-blue silhouette of three business people, alongside the text and numbers “20 Generous Sponsors”. This number includes all businesses, clubs, groups or companies that helped sponsor this event.
  • Donations – This next graphic is of a deep navy blue piggy bank with a Future in Sight Walk for Sight commemorative coin being inserted in his back. The big white and teal blue text on the bank reads “191 Donations made”. This reflects the actual number of individual donations made.
  • Online Visits – A deep purple laptop graphic with a black screen, on the screen in big bold white and teal blue it reads “2,148 Visits Online”. This number represents the total visits to the Future In Sight website and Walk for Sight portal throughout the course of the event.
  • The Total Raised – This graphic is a big blue arrow pointing up and the number value in white of “Over 41k”. To the right are the shapes of two happy people jumping for joy in dark navy-blue.


(Thank you block)
Below the main body section is a large dark purple block spanning the full width of the graphic with big bold white letters that read “Thank You!”


(Sponsor Logos)
Below the thank you block is a white background with full color logos spread about for each of the following sponsors: Bank of New Hampshire, Cambridge Trust, Dr. Dorothy L. Hitchmoth, PLLC, New Hampshire Optometric Association, Concord Lions Club, Sadhana Consulting, Northeast Delta Dental, Davis & Towle Insurance Group, Retina Vision Center, NH Eye Associates, Concord Eye Center, Brookline Lions Club, Vision Source, Nashua Eye Associates, Focused Eye Care, The Medical Eye Center, Derry Village Rotary, Merrimack County Savings Bank, Kerner’s Car Wash, Hampton Eyecare Associates, P.A..


(Bottom footer section)
The background of this section is the same deep navy blue as the top, with the Future In Sight circular logo in the lower right corner. The message in this section reads, “You Make Our Mission Possible!” in big bold white letters, with smaller text below that in bright light blue that says “Thank you from all of us at Future In Sight” and our address and phone number below that in smaller light gray text, “Future In Sight – 25 Walker Street – Concord, NH 03301 – 1-800-464-3075.


Listed below are the names from our “Wall of Fame” – in alphabetical order!

All these names are listed down the left and right sides in the main body of the graphic in a bold dark teal blue font. This includes all donors, sponsors, team names.


Adele Robertson
Aden Masterson
Albert Burtt
Alexander Masterson
Alicia Jaworski
Alida Bossie-Bailey
Allan Reynolds
Amelia Jagatic
Amy Bossi
Amy Nichols
Amy, Ray, Madison, Molly & TJ
Andrew Harmon
Andy and Michelle Lang
Anita Rozzi-Fanale
Ann Davis
Annie Posnack
Ann Woodman
Anthony Sacco, O.D., P.C.
Ari Rosenthal
Bank of New Hampshire
Barbara Reynolds
Barbara Schneekloth
Barry Boriss
Bedford Strollers
Bertha Bruno
Bill and Lisa Brenda Berube & family
Brenda O’Brien
Brianne Stone
Brookline Lions Club
Brooklyn Cote-Brown
Bruce & Susan Keyes
Cambridge Trust
Carl Nolin
Carol Burgess
Carol Hill
Carol R Gulla
Carolyn Cline
Carolyn & Donald Ross
Carolyn Cline
Charles Mathews
Charline Hagen
Chris Courounis
Chris Geoffroy
Chris Soutter
Christine Kidd
Christopher Morgan
Christopher Purington
Christopher Weinmann
Cindy Nutter
CJ Geoffroy
Cole Gardens
Concord Eye Center
Concord Food Co-op
Concord Lions Club
Conner Mahoney
Connie Davis
Dale Coggins
Danielle Morse
Dave & Jan Bruce
David Kenepp
David Brownell
David Hagen
David Jespersen
David Martin
David Morgan
Davis & Towle Insurance Group
Deb & John Moore
Deb Moore
Denise Caruso
Denise Cloutier
Dennis Zatecka
Derry Village Rotary
Devine Inspiration
DHMC Visionaries
Diane Dombrowski
Diane McClung
Dianne Pilpot
Dillon Hicks
Dina Beaulieu
Donna & Dave
Donna Knowles
Donna Rheaume
Dorothy Stoncius
Douglas Watson
Dr. David & Diane Caban
Dr. Dorothy L. Hitchmoth, PLLC
East Rockingham Pomona Grange 11
Edward Marsh
Elizabeth Lambert
Ellen and Dave
Ellen Keefe
Emery Olcott
Epping Lions Club
Eric Kidd
Erin Salcone
Esther Boriss
Evelyn McInnis
FIS Board Members
Focused Eye Care
Fred Fournier
Gail Drabzuk
Gail Mintken
Gail Rogers
Gary Hurd
Gary & Lisa Proulx
Geoffrey Eichhorn
Gilman Grange #1
Glen Booth Sr.
Glorilyn Wiley
GPA’s Team
Grace Cohen
Guy Lessard
Hamlet & Geoffrey Eichhorn
Hampton Eyecare Associates
Herb & Tracie Carpenter
Hilary Rosenthal
James & Sarah O’Brien
James C. Frangos, O.D.
James Rogato
James Rowe
Jamie Rice
Jane Driscoll
Janet Gilbert
Jeanne Bellemore
Jean Jaworski
Jeanne Drew
Jeanne Nolte
Jeffrey Prior
Jenna Rogato
Jim Rowe
Jim O’Brien
JoAnn Rotast
John and Jane Nucci
John and Rena Lee
John Richards
Joseph and Diane Dombrowski
Judi Rogato
Judy Bissonnette
Julia Hart
Karen Boguzewski
Karen Gorayeb
Karen Prior
Kathleen Mandravelis
Kellie Sweeney
Ken Akins
Kenneth Berry
Kenneth Ward
Kerner’s Car Wash
Kevin Noa
Kim Daly
Knights of Columbus
Krista Brown
Kristen Bryant
Laura Cameron
Laura Kirchberg
Laura Matz
Laureen Barry
Laurette Picard
Lillian, Lucille & Janet Leroux Sisters
Linda, Rich and Evan Olander
Linda Thackeray
Lisa Rappa-Mannion
Locklyn Rowell
Lori Fasshauer
Loudon Lions Club
Luke Kidd
M. Anita Rozzi
Maggee Jespersen
Manuel Lemerise
Marcia Wadsworth
Margo Bowie
Mark Ungewitter
Martin Interiors
Maureen W. Heckman
Maven Web Design & Development
Merrimack County Savings Bank
Michelle & Diesel Morse
Michelle Ekstrom
Michelle Lang
Michelle Rondeau
Moe & Simone Doyou
Morgan Peterman
Morgan, Matt, Ayla, and Willa Muriel Boynton
Nashua Eye Associates
Nathalie Fortier
NFB NH Equalizers
NH Eye Associates
NH Optometric Association
Nick Jagatic
Nikhil Batra
Norman Lemerise
Norman Roberge
Northeast Delta Dental
Olivia Geoffroy
Opal’s mom
Opal’s Stars
Pam Brewster
Pam Sakowski
Pamela Berry
Pamela VanderWeele
Patricia Hoffman
Patti Hoefer
Patty Cook
Patty, Steve and Wilson
Paul Kidd
Paul & Mary Franks
Pauline Geoffroy
Peggy Morgan
Ralph Lemerise
Ray & Jeanne Bellemore
Retina Vision Center
Richard Bean
Robert Bean
Robert Mitchell
Robert Sawyer
Robyn Fay
Rochester Eye Care Associates, PLLC
RoseMarie Giambalvo
Sacred Heart School
Sadhana Consulting
Sally Stevenson
Sarah Jagatic
Sarah Melasecca
Scott Nichols
Sharon Miller-Dombroski
Sherry Burbank
Spindel Eye Associates
Stephanie Hurd
Stephanie Rowell
Steve & Debbie Spain
Susan Cragin
Susan Laventure
Team Jespo
Teri Maxwell
The Eye Team
The Hillbillies
The Jones Family
The Medical Eye Center
The Stiles
Theresa Lemerise
Tim Murray
Timothy Trafecanty
Tom Mamos
Under the Hood Auto Service LLC
Uptown Funky Walkers
Valentini Kalargyrou
Victor Lachance
Vincent Giambalvo
Virginia McCarthy
Vision Source
Walking for 20/20
William Jones
Woody Wishart
WYC Ladies

We hope to see you all next year!


Walk for Sight 2021 Big Thank You!