March 13, 2023

Save Your Vision Month

- Randy Pierce

girl with a white cane

“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”

So too does our adjustment to sight loss. It’s so much more difficult when we are new to the challenge of losing sight and so much easier once we learn the skills, tools and resources essential to living our best lives. Here at Future In Sight, we value our ability to ensure you have a better future in sight with our support. We equally value the medical profession and your own education to ensure protecting your sight is a positive priority. That’s why we honor March as “Save Your Vision” month!

When low vision realities are part of the process, we encourage their direct referrals along with the many self-referrals we receive.

Future In Sight has a team of professionals to evaluate each individual, develop a personalized plan for training, tools, and services, which will help guide the way to competence, confidence, and independence in all aspects of life.


About the Author: Randy Pierce is the President and CEO of Future In Sight and is 100% blind.