March 16, 2021

School Districts get Strong ROI from Future In Sight

- Sherry Burbank, Director of Youth Services

Teacher in front of a classroom of children

Contracting for vision services is an important step in making a school district’s general education curriculum accessible to students with blindness or vision impairments. Although the incidence of this disabling condition is low, the expertise required to provide educationally-relevant evaluation and instruction is high. Future In Sight has a team of school-based service providers who have high levels of competence to offer your students with blindness or vision impairment.

Future In Sight works closely with the most respected regional institutions of higher education to both recruit and retain talented educators who can offer our students experience with the most up-to-date research and innovative evidence-based evaluation and instructional strategies.

The value a school district receives in return for investing in Future in Sight services is high. The return on a district’s investment with FIS brings guaranteed innovation, attainment of shared goals and ultimately, an improved student post-school outcome. FIS offers empathy, collaboration, evaluations, accessibility considerations, technologies, meeting the needs of learners with visual impairment, assistance for teachers parents to understand their child’s unique needs and transition for learners to post-secondary options.

Our commitment over the last 110 years has not wavered: We seek to advance the independence of persons who are blind and visually impaired. And we do so as New Hampshire’s only non-profit serving people with visual impairment and their families from birth though retirement. We look forward to joining each school district’s student support team to make a difference in each child’s education.