November 3, 2020

Take Time to Soothe Yourself and Be Still

- Future In Sight

Randy Pierce with his guide dog

Whew!  2020 has been a whirlwind in so many unanticipated ways and folks are feeling some added stress these days. Life’s been a little (or more than a little) amped up, shall we say.   We are doing our part to keep – or establish – a healthy lifestyle, whether for ourselves or for our families. There’s work, school, real life: in the midst of all the go-go-go, we sometimes forget how important it is to take the time to calm the storm, ease our tension, relax and be still.

Our friend Randy Pierce is a leader in the area of finding inspiration, motivation, and inner peace. Randy played a vital role in our virtual Walk for Sight 2020 that took place in August. You may remember that Randy recorded daily videos to keep walkers and participants motivated throughout the event. We thought this was a good time for a reprisal of one of our favorites among favorites: The video included here is from Day 7 of the Walk for Sight and is titled “Rest for Mind & Body”. Randy’s wisdom from that day is timely advice for any day, including today.

As we wind down the year 2020 and see the holidays on the horizon, this is a great time to be good to yourself, stop, breathe, and be still. Rest your mind & body, you’ve earned it. And, you deserve it.