January 13, 2021

TEAP NH; Keeping Families Connected

- Future In Sight

During winter, many of us hunker down – it’s a time for cozy socks and hot chocolate. In this time of isolation when it becomes more difficult getting out in the winter weather, we all need a chance to connect with each other. For many of us, the phone is a great way to reach out – except if the phone is hard to use. Do you have difficulty using the telephone because the numbers aren’t readable, buttons are too small, or the speaker just isn’t loud enough to hear? Do you know someone whose vision, hearing, or physical abilities make it hard to use a phone? Many individuals benefit from TEAP!

What is TEAP? The Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program (TEAP) is provided and serviced by Future In Sight through a contract with the NH Governor’s Commission on Disability. Through TEAP, Future In Sight professionals work with you one on one, to identify a specialized telephone or other communication device which will support your independence. This program provides telephones with features that meet your needs.

A phone that you can independently use opens the door to many opportunities, whether it’s connecting with family or friends, reaching out to resources, or communicating with your healthcare provider.

Don’t let difficulty using the phone be a barrier to your independence; reach out to Future In Sight today to find out what TEAP can do for you! Contact us at [email protected].