September 21, 2020

The Concord Lions Club is Offering KidSight Eye Screenings

- Future In Sight

Happy children laying on grass showing their hands with hearts painted on their palms

Our friends at the Concord Lions Club are once again offering the “KidSight Eye Screening” program to schools in the greater Concord area. These events are organized and facilitated by Tom Geno and Norm Roberge, Co-chairs of the Concord Lions Club for Operation KidSight.

The KidSight program has proven to be a great resource in helping to identify school age youth with vision impairment that may have otherwise gone undiagnosed, and get them the help they need. This is the time for schools in the greater Concord area to learn more about this opportunity and contact the Concord Lions Club to coordinate an event for the students in their district.

COVID Safety Protocols

The Concord Lions realize this year there are new protocols in place in the various schools and will adapt to each school’s needs. Please notify either Norm Roberge or Tom Geno as to the specific protocols that need to be met in your schools. Please give them time, at least 10 days prior to event, to acquire or fabricate any needed equipment (masks, face shields, gloves, Lexan barriers, etc).

Scheduling Events

Pick your date(s) ( 2 days for big schools, 1 day for smaller ones) as soon as you are ready, to allow the Lions to screen you students. Knowing that you may have split schedules, the Lions will work with you to ensure that all the students have access to this free eye screening.

Over the past few years, Concord Lions Club has screened about 10,000 students in the greater Concord area, and hope to continue screening your students in the upcoming year, in spite of the pandemic, and with proper protocols in place.

For more information or to arrange an event for your school, please contact Norm Roberge by emailing [email protected] or Tom Geno at [email protected]

Assessing and understanding children’s vision is an important step in their health, their education and their future.