June 24, 2022

Tissue Paper Sparklers

- Future In Sight

people holding sparklers at a party

By Kaila Allen

Are you looking for a quick craft to decorate your table for Independence Day? This project will help you achieve that and is fun to make for both kids and adults with vision loss. Make several and place them in a vase or bucket as a centerpiece for your table.

Materials needed:

  • Tissue paper in red, white and blue
  • Wooden dowel or Bamboo skewer
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step one: layer one of each color tissue paper on top of each other lining up the edges.

Step two: cut all three layers of tissue paper in half short ways or hamburger style.

Step three: folder one stack, three layers of tissue paper, in half long ways or hotdog style.

Step four: cut 1 inch strips from the outside edge towards the fold stopping 1 inch before the folded edge. This will create a fringe.

Step five: place your wooden dowel or skewer at the end of your tissue paper with a one inch overlap at the folded side where there were no cuts made. Glue the tissue paper to the dowel or skewer.

Step six: roll the dowel or skewer along the folded edge gluing often as the tissue paper rolls around the tip. Ideally, you would like to keep the folded edge lined up as you roll. Step seven: let dry and then place in vase or other container for decoration.

*If you are interested in learning more crafts including a pony bead American flag, visit: https://futureinsight.org/podcasts/