August 7, 2020

VIDEO: PDF Reader Apps on Android Phones for Low Vision Users

- Future In Sight

teacher showing a young girl student something on a tablet

Here is a great “How To” video produced by Future In Sight Low Vision Occupational Therapist, Beth Daisy. This video introduces low vision users to the apps and options available for reading PDF files on a smartphone.

For this particular video, Beth is using a Samsung Smartphone with the Android operating system, other videos will touch on similar functionality for Apple iOS as well. The PDF format is broadly used but not all readers are created equal, especially for low vision users. Beth walks you through an overview of the most popular free apps for reading PDFs on your smartphone and demonstrates the pros and cons of each.

Our staff continues to test and develop helpful reviews of assistive apps and technology tools that they find useful.   If this is of interest to you, please check out the playlist “Accessibility Apps, Aids & Devices” on our YouTube channel regularly.