February 14, 2022

A Vision for What’s Ahead

- Randy Pierce

Randy Pierce with his guide dog

I love my job! As Valentine’s Day arrives and I’m surging into my third month guided by my talented and loving Guide Dog Swirl, it’s time to share some early reflections, insights, and ironically perhaps to some, my vision for what is ahead.

I am Randy Pierce, President, and CEO, here at Future In Sight. Over 30 years ago, I first arrived at this location as an individual feeling the challenging perspectives of understanding what sudden and significant sight loss meant for me. Every individual’s journey is different in so many ways. Part of the incredible work of this organization and the amazing team here is the ability for certified professionals to understand all the various types of sight loss, all the assorted reactions we have, and the many different life situations in which we arrive.

What they did for me they do for thousands, and as a result, my journey has been one of tremendous learning to confidently develop my skills and steadily learn and grow a career and life which has been marvelously rewarding. So much so that I was chosen to utilize all my experiences, knowledge, and skill to lead this organization.

I suspect you can see why I love this mission and have so much passion for this opportunity. The truth is, the last few years have been difficult for many people and organizations, and Future In Sight is no exception. We have a great team, and we do great work despite some challenging realities which have made it more difficult.

We are owning our difficulties, delving into the processes to find improvements enabling us to make steady progress in all the ways which improve the client experience in all facets of the myriad essential training and services we provide. It’s hard work, yet we are coming together as a team buoyed by the possibilities we see ahead. We are enhancing and building partnerships, connections, and communities to ensure the needs of our mission are more than met, met with the enhanced thorough quality ensuring every individual we serve has a clear vision to the better Future In Sight.