May 11, 2020

Walk for Sight 2020: August 1 – August 20

- Future In Sight

kids with their hands in the middle of a circle doing a cheer

Last month, when we let you know that we would not be able to hold a typical Walk for Sight in June, we knew we had to create something fun and meaningful – and capable of raising the funds we count on to deliver our specialized vision services. We hope you’re intrigued by what we have developed so far. We have a stack of surprises to unveil in the coming weeks, so be sure to sign-up early, recruit family and friends to donate, and check back often to see what’s new!

Walk for Sight 2020 will be an online event from August 1 – August 20. We’ll be “walking” around the Granite State, stopping each day along the way, to learn, laugh, raise money and win prizes. For donors and walkers, there will be inclusive activities that build connection to our mission, while giving sponsors the brand and business visibility they count on – especially now.

How will it work?

Using a fun map of NH (reminiscent of vacation souvenirs) for our online “walk”, our daily stops along the way will be towns and cities that reflect Future In Sight’s impact while highlighting sponsors from those areas. The route is a secret, and not shared with walkers ahead of time. You never know what the next day will bring.

  • Each day, we will “stop” at a sponsor’s representative location. Sponsors of $1,000 or more will have a pop-up page promotes their support of the people served by Future In Sight. Knowing their “day” in advance, they will have the opportunity to submit a short video, photos or story to be featured that day on the Walk for Sight site, and via our social media platforms which they can promote and share.
  • Each day, there will be a “fact” or “question with response poll” that is related to our mission included in the map graphics, along with sponsor-related graphics and links.
  • Each day, the map will change to a new locale. Everyone travels to the same place at the same time – it’s not a race! People can visit prior days, but will not know the location or prizes of the next day’s adventure.
  • Each day, we will draw a winner from among all registered walkers who will receive a gift representing the locale visited. These will be mailed via USPS to the winners.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

We have incorporated more prizes for achieving fundraising milestones with new categories of prizes, including recognition for the number of donations a registered walker secures. With dozens of teams ready to go, if you have not yet registered now’s the time. Join or build your team and dream big! Thousands of people with blindness or visual impairments are counting on you. So are we. For more information, check our website each week or email us through [email protected]