June 10, 2022

What is an ID/Symbol cane?

- Michael Mulligan

a man using a walking cane on the sidewalk

An ID/Symbol cane is a type of white cane used by people who are blind, visually impaired, or have low vision. ID canes are very similar to long white mobility canes but have a few key differences.

  1. Shorter length
  2. Thinner
  3. Lighter
  4. No handle grip
  5. Basic pencil cane tip

What is the purpose of an ID/Symbol cane?

ID/Symbol canes are designed to be held in front of the user when walking as a way of identifying to others that the user has a visual impairment. This type of cane can be particularly helpful in social situations when others may be unaware that the user has a visual impairment. Another benefit of an ID/Symbol cane is when asking for assistance at a store, the workers will have a better understanding of how/why the user needs assistance.

One drawback of an ID/Symbol cane is that, unlike a long white mobility cane, this cane provides little to no mobility benefits such as obstacle detection or detecting drop-offs. However, for someone with a good amount of useable vision or a person using a human guide, this type of cane can be a great option. If unsure of which cane would be the best fit for you or someone you know it is highly recommended that you reach out to an Orientation & Mobility Specialist who can help prescribe the best type of cane to meet your needs.

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