October 1, 2021

White Cane Dog Guide Safety Awareness Month

- Stephanie Hurd, Assistive Technology/Activities Specialist

Blind Woman walking with her service dog and cane

The white cane is known as the international symbol of blindness. The dog guide is thought of as a living sensory mobility aid. Both, are much more. October is White Cane and Dog Guide Safety Awareness Month!

The Importance

The white cane and dog guide instill safety and independence for people who are blind and visually impaired! It is how a dad walks his daughter to school each day. It’s how a business executive navigates her way to the elevator at work. These tools allow a neighbor to walk to the bus stop, and yes, even how friends enjoy a day at an orchard picking apples.

The Laws

Each state has a white cane law that asserts that blind and visually impaired persons using a white cane or guide dog have the same rights to public access as sighted people. New Hampshire declares that October is White Cane Dog Guide Safety Awareness month, typically with a proclamation from the governor, as well as events to celebrate and educate the general public.

Celebrate with us at Applecrest Farm Orchards!

Come and join us at Applecrest Farm Orchards, 133 Exeter Rd. in Hampton Falls on Saturday, October 16th from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM,! We will provide information, awareness, and conversation as part of an initiative of the advocacy committee of Future In Sight. We will also be giving away balloons, stickers, and providing an interactive experience for attendees.

Please stop by, say hello, and show us your support!

First Seacoast Bank LogoThis event is sponsored by First Seacoast Bank.