May 21, 2014

Whole New World

- Future In Sight

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Bette Smith is 81 and lives in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. She has been visually impaired for several decades due to macular degeneration, which damages central vision. Bette is living safely and independently in her own home – and enjoying life as much as ever – thanks to help from the Association.

Our low vision and vision rehabilitation therapists have shown Bette how to make the most of her remaining eyesight using optical aids and devices. As Bette has found out, it’s not merely how much vision you have left, but how well you can use it effectively.

Bette contacted our Seacoast office in Dover and asked for help – she’s so glad she did! She regularly attends our Peer Support and Technology Users Groups, which helped her, remain engaged, informed, connected and empowered to live a full and active life. As Bette said; “I walked into a whole new world! I just love the people who participate in these groups. They are young and vital and caring. They are upbeat and full of energy. They walk through he door with a dog or a cane and are ready to greet the world. And they value me for the wisdom I can share from my years of life. It gives me a greater sense of purpose.”