Mindfulness, Meditation, and More! Communication Styles *ADULTS ONLY*


Effective communication is the cornerstone of strong relationships and a fulfilling life. But with so many different personalities and communication styles out there, navigating conversations can sometimes feel like deciphering a foreign language. This interactive workshop will equip you with the tools and understanding you need to become a more confident and versatile communicator. To […]

Navigating YouTube *ADULTS ONLY*


An overview of the layout, creating playlists, finding your history and subscribing to your favorite channels. YouTube has a lot to offer; whether it's learning an instrument, tech tutorials, following your favorite museum’s channel, commenting on your favorite singer’s video or binging random short clips. This workshop will provide the best approach to YouTube, making […]

The Business of Being Blind *ADULTS & YOUTH*


Join us as we talk with people who are blind and visually impaired working in all different fields of work. Mona Burns has low vision and is a Mission Support Specialist for Customs and Border Protection as an administrator. Join us as she shares how she accomplishes her work, what she uses to support that […]

Fit & Fabulous: Stronger Bones for a Stronger You *ADULTS ONLY*


Stronger bones for a stronger you serves to increase muscle strength, coordination, and balance which ultimately leads to personal growth, power and vitality. Melissa Abbott has worked as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition specialist, and currently has her own business as a holistic health and wellness professional. She will guide us through some exercises […]

Can I Play That? All About Accessible Games *ADULTS ONLY*


Games serve their own unique role in technology. Perhaps you’re waiting for your ride to the store, are home alone with time to discover new things, or wanting to find something to do with friends/family. There are many accessible games, and ways to play them. We’ll uncover games for everything from your Amazon Alexa to […]

Kaila’s Crafts: Flower Crafting in Bloom *ADULTS & YOUTH*


Everything is in bloom, including these pretty flower crafts. Create bright, happy flowers and butterflies in this spring themed workshop. We will make 4 crafts together: 1) Stacked Flower Ornament 3) 3D String Art Flower 3) Butterfly Spoon Craft 4) Woven butterfly Please order your kit by April 25th Cost $ 13.00 *Free registration will […]

5 practical uses with an Apple Watch *ADULTS ONLY*


No need to pull out your iPhone for these practical every day uses with your Apple Watch! We’ll take an in depth look at 5 fabulous and productive Apple Watch features moving you forward and independent. To register now, click here. For instructions on how to use our registration system, click here. Questions? Contact Stephanie Hurd. […]

Fit & Fabulous: Move and Groove *ADULTS ONLY*


Barb Longfellow is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor, specializing in Dance Fitness, Senior Fitness, & Small Group Exercise. Join in this Move & Groove class, where you will work out […]

Tap into independence for iOS with low vision *ADULTS 55+ ONLY*


The focus will be on the set-up of the device (i.e.: font size, contrast, background brightness, etc.), use of built-in accessibility features such as zoom, magnifier, speak screen/speak selection and the use of low vision apps. This workshop will be held in Keene, NH. Participants must live in NH, be 55 or older, be able […]

Fit & Fabulous: Yoga *ADULTS ONLY*


Learn more about balance, orientation and exercise, as Michelle Dowling, a certified yoga instructor, uses tools such as chair yoga and gradually adds to what you can do at your […]