November 30, 2023

Future In Sight launches trainings on NH’s Accessible Voting System

- Future In Sight

a woman in front of the accessible voting system

Concord, NH – Future In Sight, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to advance the
independence of persons who blind and visually impaired, will be providing training on the one4all
Accessible Voting System in advance of the New Hampshire primary election. The one4all system was
created to make voting accessible to individuals with a range of disabilities – including vision loss and
hearing loss – so they may cast their vote privately and with dignity.

The one4all system will be available at all polling places for the New Hampshire primary. The one4all
system is designed to be intuitive and a voter does not have to attend a training in order to cast their
vote using the system. The State of New Hampshire has chosen to partner with Future In Sight to
provide these trainings as a way to encourage individuals who may be hesitant about voting, or choose
not to vote, due to not being able to navigate the traditional voting system on their own. The one4all
system ensures that every resident of New Hampshire is able to have an equitable voting experience.
In addition to the free in-person trainings scheduled throughout the state, one4all training videos can be
viewed at This webpage also includes information on accessible
absentee voting in New Hampshire.
The one4all training schedule is as follows. Visit to register.

Portsmouth: Tuesday, November 28th from 12-1PM
Middle Street Baptist Church (18 Court Street)

Keene: Thursday, December 7th from 11:30AM-12:30PM
Keene Rec Center (312 Washington Street)

Concord: Thursday, December 14th from 12-1PM
Future In Sight (25 Walker Street)

Derry: Thursday, December 21st from 12-1PM
Marion Gerrish Center (39 W. Broadway)

About Future In Sight
Future In Sight was founded in 1912 and is the only private nonprofit organization in New Hampshire to
supply a comprehensive range of statewide services to children, adults and elderly who are blind and
visually impaired. Future In Sight’s holistic continuum of care provides individuals with vital services
which allow them to live with confidence and dignity.

Each service plan is tailored to meet the unique goals of the client and can include low vision therapy,
occupational therapy, orientation & mobility training, adjustment-to-blindness counseling, rehabilitation
therapy, enrichment and peer activities, and assistive technology training. In addition, Future In Sight
enlists an amazing group of volunteers to help meet the unique needs of its clients by providing
transportation to essential appointments and errands and making friendly calls and visits.
Learn more about Future In Sight at

About the one4all Accessible Voting System

New Hampshire has introduced an accessible voting system known as the one4all, which helps people
with disabilities exercise their right to vote. The one4all system uses a tablet, keyboard, headset, and
printer to allow people of all abilities to cast their ballot securely, privately, and independently.

Although it is electronic, the one4all system is NOT an online voting system. The one4all system simply
allows a voter to select their choices on a tablet instead of on paper. After making their selections, they
print out a completed paper ballot and give it to the clerk to submit along with all of the other ballots
being collected.

In addition to providing an accessible way for individuals with disabilities to vote, the presence of the
one4all system encourages poll workers and ballot clerks to become more aware of issues related to
inclusion and accessibility. When a person uses the one4all system, they are not just casting a ballot,
they are also helping to preserve and protect the rights of Americans with disabilities.

Currently, the one4all system is available to use during all statewide federal elections, this includes both
primaries as well as general elections. Every polling place in New Hampshire.