Technology Services

Incorporate assessments and adequate training to clients so they can optimize the use of technology within daily activities.

Products, Assessments & Training

Aira using augmented reality, connects people who are blind or low vision to a trained professional agent who is dedicated to further enhancing their everyday experience – completely hands-free assistance at the touch of a button. For more information or to schedule a hands-on demonstration please contact us at

Technology for Accessibility

iCanConnect lets those with hearing/vision loss know about access to telecommunications thru the National Deaf-blind Equipment Distribution Program. For qualification requirements please contact us at

Sunu band is the first smart band using ultrasonic technology to sense the user’s surroundings and deliver haptic feedback on his wrist to indicate proximity. To order please contact us at

Orientation and Mobility

illustration of a woman helping a man with a cane

Professional instructors from Future In Sight provide the skills necessary for clients with a visual impairment to travel safely and with confidence in almost any environment.

Points to remember:

  • Loss of depth perception can lead to difficulty navigating steps and curbs, as well as identifying changes in terrain outdoors.
  • When there is a marked decreased in central and/or peripheral vision, clients often struggle to identify landmarks or detect obstacles in their path.
  • Traveling pedestrian routes, crossing streets, and using public transportation can be extremely challenging for someone who is blind or visually impaired.

Orientation and Mobility instructors work individually with clients, assessing skills and teaching techniques that enable them to move around independently within the home, neighborhood, and work environments.

Connecting with us is easy! Simply call 800-464-3075, or email

Technology Users Group

The monthly meetings focus on advancing access to and knowledge of computers and other assistive technology commonly used by the blind and visually impaired community. Demonstrations of useful apps for iOS and android devices will be discussed . Opportunties for open forum discussions allow members to ask questions relating to assistive technology. Monthly meetings held in Concord, Nashua, Seacoast and Lakes Region. Please email us at if you’re interested in joining a group in your area, or check out our events calendar.
Technology Users Group


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