January 14, 2021

Assistive Tech Hands-on Virtual Workshops

- Future In Sight

visually impaired girl using assistive technology in her kitchen

It’s 2021 and ATinNH is looking forward to our ongoing partnership with Future In Sight.  We will be featuring the following three upcoming  hands-on virtual assistive technology maker workshops.

On February 9th we will be offering a virtual hands on fabrication workshop titled: “Making a Scan and Read Box for Your Phone”.   Each person will receive a kit of materials to create a portable collapsible scanning box for quickly reading junk mail or other print documents using Seeing AI and KNFB Reader Apps on an iPhone.

On March 9th we will be making a Dot maker for QR codes and discussing tips for using your phone to scan QR codes to access information in the cloud.  This includes YouTube clips, electronic documents and more.  In addition, we will also be discussing NFC stickers and programing them to work with iPhone 10 or newer.  These stickers can be programmed to do a number of activities such as shortcuts on your phone or interfacing with Amazon echo to turn on appliances in your home.

And Finally on April 13th our last virtual hands-on making workshop, everyone will be “ Making a Hand Free Magnification Holder for your smart phone”  Smart phones keep getting better.  The camera on the latest versions of the iPhone can be used as a magnification aid for individuals who experience low vision.  This workshop, participants will receive a kit of materials for making a tabletop flexible arm mount for a cell. Having a hands-free holder for your smartphone can be very helpful when trying to read information on medication bottles, canned goods, or participating in a facetime call without having to hold the phone in your hands.


Therese Willkomm has partnered with Future In Sight to present these tech lab workshops. Participants must sign up at least 2 weeks prior to each workshop in order to receive the material kits required to make these items the day of the event.

Sign up by contacting Stephanie Hurd at:  [email protected] | 603-545-4345 Please put Assistive Tech Labs in the subject line.

Dr. Therese WillkommDr. Willkomm is currently the Director of the New Hampshire Statewide Assistive Technology Program (ATinNH) with the Institute on Disability and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of New Hampshire.